About Kennel

Our kennel is very young and was established in 2006 but our journey into the study of Alaskan Malamutes began in 1997. Our first litter was born in 2008.

Each parent in our breeding process is carefully selected in order to achieve our goal of a beautiful, powerful and healthy Alaskan Malamute, full of zeal for work, with an appearance and character typical of the breed.

We don't try to breed a luxury or a typical "working" Malamute. We aim to balance these features. We try to continue the breeding practices and commitment of the famous breeders in the country where the breed was born.

We want to breed in order to consolidate the best features of the Alaskan Malamute, to be surrounded by beautiful and healthy Malamutes. We want to form a good sled team, to show the beauty and values demonstrated in the exhibition of dogs and, above all, to provide valuable genetic traits package for future generations.

Malamute Sanctuary kennel belongs to HUSSE Breeders Club, Swedish Super Premium quality foods.

We hope that you appreciate what we do be and we invite you to visit our virtual and real kennel. We will continue to add information and photos about our Malamutes and those of others. Our dogs are our passion, our love, our world.


We live in a small village near Rzeszów in Poland, surrounded by meadows and forests. Our Malamutes have a spacious dog pen in the garden. Puppies in the first weeks stay in our home. However, when the weather is suitable and they are older, they spend their days in the puppy pen, built especially for them, in which there is a mini playground for puppies.


Dogs have always been an integral part of my life. As far back as I can remember, they always accompanied me. Malamutes inspired and surprised me to such an extent that I decided to deepen my knowledge of their breed. My study started with the breed's psychology. Over time, this expanded into the veterinary field. The thought of breeding and nutrition took root when I was a frequent visitor to one of the Alaskan Malamute kennels, "Sniezna Pustynia". The owner of this kennel started to teach me about Alaskan Malamutes, their psyche, the nature of why they are so similar to the wolf. Because wolves are my great passion, Malamutes proved to be the only breed that I wanted.

I started by taking several trips to conferences and meetings as well as training in the field of nutrition, breeding and care of dogs. After a while, I started to learn about grooming. From a friendly kennel in the United States, I received lariat preparation to show Malamutes for an exhibition. Approximately 2 years earlier, I took a professional preparation course of Samoyeds. It is not uncommon for me to prepare the fur in this breed in order to extend my skills to other breeds. In addition to grooming, I acquired knowledge in the field of dog handling at exhibitions, and have begun to accumulate rosettes.