Handling is the professional showing of a dog in the exhibition ring. Excellent presentation and preparation is a huge part of the success, therefore it is worthwhile to prepare oneself and the dog for the show. There are no perfect dogs therefore the aim of handling is to the visibility and to direct the attention of the judge on the merits and turning away the attention from the defects.

Therefore handling is the whole interaction between the dog and the handler. Why is this so important?

The exhibition is a competition first and foremost of breeders. It is during the exhibitions that every breeder and dog owner wants to show that his dog on the show is the best. The exhibition is the time when the dogs are lighting their fur with the flash, are in perfect show condition, and should be elegantly presented.

Often, even the most beautiful dog, when badly shown, will not reach the top prizes. The main thing is to teach the dog how to be the most beautiful. Therefore, it is important to work with a dog before entering the show ring.

Historically, most of the dogs shown by breeders and owners - today more than half of them are presented by professional handlers.

I offer the handling and presentation in the showing of dogs of each breed. I approach each dog individually and I do not present aggressive dogs towards people. It happens that a dog which was not socialized with exhibitions behaves timidly. With such dogs training takes longer than with pups familiar the exhibition environment.